Love Can Move You

Story Behind The Song

Someone I know killed herself. I tried to help. If she had really let in the love she had for herself and her kids, I think it would have lifted her out of the dark hole she was in.

Song Description

About being down and stuck, and trying to find the will to rise up and make a change in your life.

Song Length 3:07 Genre Pop - Standards, Pop - Religious
Lead Vocal Female Vocal Mood Composed, Poignant
Subject Change, Will Similar Artists Josh Groban
Language English Era 2000 and later


Do you dream of flyin'
Feet Glued to the ground
Afraid of Tryin'
Are you achin' to change your life
While that TV and Couch
Hold you like a vice

Have you been knocked down by your share of blows
Confidence is down, no reason to stand up anymore
All I know is

Love can move you, let it explode inside
Love can move you
Feel the Power runnin' through you,
Cuz' love can move you

Is there someone waiting
For your heart to stop hesitating
Is passion only a kiss away
But when the moment comes your body, it turns to clay

Might look crazy, yeah might lose control
Givin' into emotion y'just never know
Ain' no pill, quick thrill, kick from behind
Is gonna move you from inside like


Nothin's gonna move you
Like love can move you

Lyrics Len Mormino Music Len Mormino
Producer The Gift Of Life Project Publisher Vission Enterprises
Performance Britany Holman- Vocals
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