Love Can Move You- Revised (Home Demo)

Story Behind The Song

Written some dear family and friends who are stuck in a rut after a bad streak in work or relationships, some with addictions- all needing change but unable to get themselves poised to get on the right track.

Song Length 3:16 Genre Pop - General, Pop - Easy Listening
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Encouragement, Fear Similar Artists Fiver For Fighting, Johnny Legend
Language English


Do you dream of flyin'
Feet glued to the ground afraid of tryin'?
Are you achin' to change your life
while those screens and couch hold you like a vice? Have you been...

Knocked out by your share of blows
Confidence is down
No reason to stand up anymore? All I know is...

Love Can Move You, Beyond the doubt
that stalls everything you do
Find your crazy, Find your truth, (and You'll) find
Love can move you

Is there someone waiting
for your heart to stop hesitating?
Is passion only a kiss away,
but when the moment comes
your body, it turns to clay?

Might get wild, yeah might lose control
Givin' into emotion y'just never know
Ain' no pill, quick thrill, kick from behind
Is gonna move you from inside like

Love Can Move You, Beyond the fear
that stops everything you do
Find your crazy, Find your truth, (and You'll) find
Love can break those chains,
race through your veins and move you

Past the pain your tryin' to fight
Through the wrong you're trying to make right

There's no guilt that you can't own
No disease you must face alone friend

No break your heart can't mend
No abuse you can't try to transcend

(There's) no failure you can't forgive
No baggage you can't get rid of

No Loss you can't outlast
No shame that you can't push past 'cause

Love Can Move You, Beyond the hurt
that drowns everything you do
Find your crazy, Find your truth, find
Love can move you

It's time to stand up, and only Love can move you

Lyrics Len Mormino Music Len Mormino
Producer Len Mormino- Vission Enterprises, LLC Publisher VISSION ENTERPRISES, LLC
Performance Len Mormino
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