Good Mornin' Baby (Home Demo)

Story Behind The Song

A lullaby for that precious time little one's wake up in the morning.

Song Description

A prayer from parent/caregiver to child. Verse 1 focuses hope that their child will GIVE, LOVE, BE SAFE, BELIEVE; Verse 2 that they TAKE A STAND, WORK, LISTEN, SPEAK TRUTH, FOLLOW THRU; and Verse 3 that they EXPRESS THEMSELVES, RESPECT THEMSELVES, TAKE

Song Length 4:11 Genre Country - General, Folk - General
Tempo Medium (111 - 130) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Cheerful, Serene Subject Love for Child, Encouragement
Language English Era 2000 and later


As you slowly wake up and lift your head my child
I can't help but think of all the things you'll try
Here's some prayers to keep in mind...

Verse 1:

I pray while you're living your heart is giving
When life disappoints, that you're forgiving
Let love take things over its okay

And that you cope with
Tough accidents, sadness, sickness
People that make bad decisions
And when you're lost your compass shows the way

Good morning baby, the sun is smiling on your face
Good morning baby, I'm here by your side always

I pray you get up and stand, stick to your plans
When no one around, thinks that you can
Use your gifts and baby work those hands

Keep your ears wide open, words well spoken
Never let your truth be broken
Try and you'll find some that understand

Good morning baby, the sun is smiling on your face
Good morning baby, I'm here by your side always

Now Child sometimes life is what you imagine
and sometimes life is just what happens
When the darkness leads you astray
child that's when you walk by faith

Wear that...
Hair how you want it, clothes too but watch it
Respect Your body and health while you've got it
Be yourself and babe you'll be okay

But know this...
World is a playground, baby don't sit out
Every game play your little heart out
Get up from those falls along the way

Good morning baby, the sun is smiling on your face
Good morning baby,
you'll be happy every day you remember....

Wealth is how you love not riches
I pray your mind knows the difference

Own your mistakes, live your life free,
Your best's enough, no need to cheat

Know when to follow, when to lead
let that imagination breathe

And when y'helpin' out, I pray its sincere
'Cause love is why we're here

Good Mornin' Baby, Good Mornin' Baby


Lyrics Len Mormino Music Len Mormino
Producer Len Mormino Publisher Vission Enterprises, LLC
Performance Len Mormino

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