My Favorite Songs

White Fort
Classical - Contemporary
Plays: 496
Ben Sands
Ronan Won't be Phonin' Any More
Folk - Contemporary
Plays: 363
Sun Voyage
Spin Me
Rock - General
Plays: 169
Bobby Caputo
That Was Elvis Singing "Elvis"
Country - Alternative
Plays: 763
Hattie Wilcox Music
Love in the Meantime
Folk - General
Plays: 407
VibeBox Music
Rock - Hard Rock
Plays: 23
Erwin de Ruiter
Hey Ho Rodeo
Country - Alternative
Plays: 76
VibeBox Music
Winston's Instinct
Rock - Hard Rock
Plays: 21
gordon chapman
chase the g (peter g olach/PGO collab)
Folk - Rock
Plays: 174
Christina Meyer
It's Shredding Time
Rock - Hard Rock
Plays: 75
Crosseyed Miles
Love Me/Hate Me-(Decide) Ft. Marc Malsegna
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 1,610
Mitch Siegal
We Were Young
Rock - Modern
Plays: 201
Martie Echito
Jazz - Contemporary
Plays: 1,079

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