White Fort, sometimes known as "Two Siberians," is a rocking Russian bossa nova duet. With Artyom Yakushenko on violin and Yuriy Matveyev on guitar, they play high-energy, precise, insanely dynamic music that spans all genres.

Their secret? They're really from Siberia, where they were raised and educated in Soviet tradition. Enrolled as children in stern classical music school, they spent many long, long winters with nothing to do but practice. This is talent born at the limit of human endurance--no joke!

I met Artyom in 1986 while traveling on the Trans Siberian railway. At 16, his utter mastery of the violin lit a flame in my heart that, 25 years later, led me to try bringing their music here to America. I invite you to listen, and be ignited as well. Enjoy.

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Thrilled to discover that our song, "6/8," has made it to the Earth Top 10 list! Thanks, Broadjammers!

General Biography

Artyom and Yuriy hail from Irkutsk, Siberia. As young Soviet citizens, they began studying classical music in grade school, and spent many long, dark winters with nothing to do but practice, practice, practice. The Iron Curtain couldn't hold out rock and roll, though, and soon Jimi Hendrix and the Beatles were sharing a gallon of vodka with Mozart and Tchaikovsky.

The result? White Fort--a unique hybrid of rock, folk, and classical music, propelled by a Russian ethnic pulse and rocket fuel.

The boys have come a long way from the steppes, with a dozen albums and numerous international awards over their 25-year career. They've toured worldwide, from the trance clubs of Ibiza to NYC's Lincoln Center. According to MTV producer Maty Fernandez, "These two guys do what it takes Dave Matthews five guys to do."

White Fort returned to the USA in autumn of 2012 for their first tour of the West Coast. Look for them in the summer of 2013 on their nationwide tour!


--First Place, 2011 International Songwriting Competition (Instrumental category).

--Musician of the Year 2012, RAW Portland Artists Showcase.

--Grand Prize winner, Tom Jackson Song Makeover contest on Broadjam, March 2012.

--Fusion Song of the Month on Broadjam.com, Nov. 2011.

--Crowd Favorite Award, Rochester International Jazz Festival, 2003.

--Golden Mask Award (Russian national music and theater award) for their Children's Theater score, "Winter's Tale," 2003.

--Golden Mask Nomination for their ballet, "My Green Love," 2000.


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Margie & Art Corey
over 30 days ago to White Fort


over 30 days ago to White Fort

Just stumbled on to your music guys. Great stuff. Thank you!

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White Fort
over 30 days ago

Thank you!

White Fort
over 30 days ago to White Fort

Say, we're actually allowed to announce this, finally: We're playing at the Rochester Jazz festival this summer! We're using our East Coast name, "Two Siberians." We'll be doing two sets at the Little Theater, on Friday June 21. Come out and say hi!

2 Replies
Joe Smith (All Edges)
over 30 days ago

Congratulations! Have fun.

Paul Messina
over 30 days ago

That's awesome!! Congrats!!!

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