Hi! The probably first thing you will notice is: my music is different and eclectic. That's because I'm constantly trying to get better. In general I feel at home in nearly every genre. Furthermore I really like huge compositions like these of symphonic orchestras. In this regard one could call my style "experimental symphonic progressive alternative pop". To put it simple: I really love music!

Your ears experience frequencys most similar (regarding loudness) at about 90dB (Imagine e.g. a driving truck). So music sounds better loud, BUT your ears suffer damage if you hear 90dB for over 12 hours/week (the more dB the less minutes)! Until 84dB (imagine e.g. a hair-dryer) there's no danger. I'm no specialist, but I think your ears suffer enough. So please try to hear my music (many frequencys!) with the loudness of a hair-dryer. Thank you! I'm a BMI member.
symiphony is the artist name of Simon Niclas Hahn.

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Hallo an alle!
Meine gesammelten Werke der letzter 12 Jahre sind jetzt online. Viel Spaß!
(Der Zusatz 2020 bzw. 2021 heißt, dass ich es dieses Jahr hochgeladen habe und ist nicht das Entstehungsjahr.)

Hello there,
My collected works from the past 12 years are now online. Have a nice time!
(The addition 2020 or 2021 means, that I uploaded this work this year and is not the year, when I composed that work.)

A boy and his friends

Well, you know, I don't really like bios - so I'm going to tell my story in a little different way:
To start with there was this little boy, born 1992. As a baby he quite must have annoyed his parents - he was constantly crying. Well, nearly constantly. To wit, there was a very good friend of him who made him fell better. His name was "music".
Some day the cries silenced and the was almost too still and in his silence he forgot about his friend. Times passed and his parents enabled him guitar lessons. However he didn't like it - it wasn't the same friend as back then.
At last the time came for him to meet his friend again. At December 2008 he began to compose as an autodidact.
However , two years later there was a turning point in his life. He almost died because of a viral infection. Now he had to trust in a more intensive way in God.
So he was able to move forward and there were always people who supported him. Especially mentioned his mother, but also institutions like Nintendo.
Now he is a guy who steadily becomes better with his friend - a very unique style of music. At September 2013 he completed a correspondence course in digital music production and composed a musical. Thanks to his friends (the music, but even more God) he is able to have quite a normal and happy life in spite of limitations.

So, that's my story so far. I would be glad if my example also motivates others.

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Warren Hein
over 30 days ago to symiphony

Thanks so much for your very thoughtful review of No More Worries About Me. You were very thorough with your detail and wow the perfect scores are appreciated
All the best
Warren Hein

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

Your're welcome!

Bob Bentley
over 30 days ago to symiphony

Hi Simon, Thank you for your kind review of my instrumental piece "Empire". It is a genre I know very little about but wanted to produce something to be used in film or tv. I'm really a guitar player who can play a little keyboard. Usually I write and produce Country and Rock songs but have a very good keyboard so thought I would try something more ambitious. I like the amount of detail you've gone into and I do take on board your comments.
I'm most grateful for your review, danke shoen.
(I spent a lot of my service career in Germany and loved the country and the people. I lived North from your area in the Muster and Osnabruck.)

Nigel Barrett
over 30 days ago to symiphony

Hi Simon many thanks for your review of my 80's RnB instrumental track - I appreciate it! Nigel

1 Replies
over 30 days ago

You're welcome!

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