Artifact is a band from the city of Stavanger on the west coast of Norway, formed in late 2002 with vocalist Tor Arne joining the band the fall of 2004. In addition to Tor Arne, the group consist of guitarist Bjørnar Landa (who also plays with Sirenia and Deathfare) and guitarist Pål Evensen who does the programming and writes most of the music. During the summer of 2006, the band was joined by bassist Jan Henrik Vuyk.

The sound of Artifact is about pounding machine beats and raging guitars against ethereal synth backdrops and gothic mystique –a sound that has often been compared to that of Type O Negative (probably because of Tor Arne's deep and melodic voice), The Sisters of Mercy and Zeromancer.

Artifact's self-produced debut called "Abandoned EP" was released in September 2005, and received a number of positive reviews in publications such as "Legends Magazine, "Mick Mercer's Live Journal", "Scream Magazine" etc...

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