"Muse Oasis calls themselves American Desert Music, but it's much more than that. These haunting melodies, starting with the belly dancer anthem "Amelia", play to the beat of World Music while keeping it simple and tantalizingly elegant. There are song after song of rich and delightful melodies, including the percussion-happy "Shimon" and the darkly melodic "Moon Drive". Overall, an extremely well balanced and super marketable collection of timely, sweet, and inspired instrumental musicianship." - A&R Select

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American Desert ~/~ Fusion Bellydance

Creating a new genre of American/World Music. Muse Oasis composes American Desert Music.
Mixing elements from Love, Life and the Universe, to surf the waves with rhythm to create music from melody. Filled with Middle Eastern drums and beats you will love to dance to it, travel to it, live to it.


Austin Texas has arguably the most diverse contingency of recording artists, song writers, performing artists and bands in the entire United States. Yet only one consistently and purposefully resurrects the most ancient primal beats and rhythms of the ancestral home lands of the cradle of classic antiquity of the Middle East, Greece, Spain, Persia, India, Italy and Asia and brings them together with all of the electronic and hard driving force of today's best music and modern techniques as "Ahmed Garcia and Muse Oasis".

This Band of Gypsies forges American musical steel together with the soft silks, satins and tapestry's of the old world and a pinch of south Texas spice to create a broad color palate of Trans-Ethnic Music to fit discerning intercontinental tastes.

Formed originally to provide a live musical support for the popular American belly dance movement, the sound style music and influence of "Ahmed Garcia and Muse Oasis" has quickly become a musical staple in the listening diet of music lovers of all types free spirits and those who just want to get out on the dance floor and shake a leg.

Conceived of first by feature artist Ahmed Garcia and later expounded on by Charles Patrick Mott. These individuals has had years of professional performance experience as well as hundreds of hours of professional recordings and collaboration contributions through applied professional production of musical media for retail release.

Using these primal and ancient rhythms and beats it is the goal of "Ahmed Garcia and Muse Oasis" to provide the absolute best in music and performance and through this bring closer together the most diverse and inquiring culture that history has ever seen. The present day culture of you.

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