multitalent artist with 5 akademia music awards, millions streams, and top itunes sales album....with a featuring with major artist ...please read her full bio in his website

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Music single of kharYsma Arafat NZABA, call don't Mistake get 1 million youtube views...It's a french hip Hop Rap music with a little english word in chorus; Discover it to the link below:

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Ron Wilson
over 30 days ago to Arafat-NZABA kharYsma

Well Gracias beauoup, multi ingual, you know. this Dear Fan is quite unusual and unique. I like it, and it indee reminds me of my experiences while living near Poitiers. Total confusion is how I could best describe the French experience, but wel worth the time spent there as I created lots of poetry from it under my poets name Vee Bdoa the Doyleston poet.

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Arafat-NZABA kharYsma
over 30 days ago

thank; you can get more music of this artist on 1 ; and on 2

Arafat-NZABA kharYsma
over 30 days ago


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