Fronted by husband-wife musicians/singer-songwriters, this upbeat pop-rock act draws on Irish/Brit-rock roots and teams up Tom and Mary Erangey with producer/musician Rich Rankin.

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Two new songs available for free download on Our newest song Occupy is on the way, with a video in the works.
Tom & Mary Erangey

Upbeat pop-rock with Irish roots

A brew of harmonies, guitar-driven melodies, and upbeat energy, Curious Grace delivers a pop-rock one-two punch. Fronted by Tom and Mary Erangey, every CG song is a collaboration with musician and producer Rich Rankin, founder of Mosaic Music studio in Chicago.


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I just found your music through the RWappin YT channel (I was there for Everything You Know is Wrong by the Weird Al)

Just wanted to know that I LOVE your work.


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Tom & Mary Erangey
over 30 days ago

Thanks Zackary, working with RWappin is a lot of fun. I'm glad you like our stuff, take care!

Tom & Mary Erangey
over 30 days ago

That is awesome! thanks, Z, for letting us know. We love RWappin's work. He is clever as fire! Keep listening and watching and, hey, please help us spread the word. Thank you.

over 30 days ago to Tom & Mary Erangey

wonderful couple

Hi! Thanks a lot for taking the time to listen and rate my "Song from Bucharest"!

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