Hi Jonathon,

Thanks for the great review of my song "Breathless". At the very end of your review you said that while you liked it in its current form, you thought it would make a "slamming up-tempo song." Really? Interesting idea. So that's exactly what we did with it. And I'll be damned if you were not right on the mark with that suggestion.

The dance club demo of "Breathless" was picked up immediately and is being submitted directly to an artist. Unfortunately not through Broadjam. Your instincts are uncanny. While the R&B version is popular and well-received it's never been selected for any Broadjam provider requests. But as soon as we sped it up, that changed everything.

It's kind of like when George Martin told Lennon and McCartney to go home and rework "all my loving". He didn't like it as a slower tune. They came back to the studio the next day with the version that we all know, and it went on to become their first number one hit single. All on the suggestion that they speed it up.

Just thought you'd like to know,

thanks again,

uncle spider and the electric dirt clods

PS: I'll let you know if it makes the album cut

over 30 days ago to Jonathan Stone

Jonathan Stone Pro Song Review (4-8-2013) I would like to add this song to my library and expose to film, tv, ad, cover ops. I generally get 50% of pub if I succeed. Cool with you? Yes, we would consider it an honor to work with you... email: & cell: (602) 690-4935.

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