Hey; I have been playing music for myself and my wife since she found my old guitar in a closet. Since then my brother Bob has been writing songs and sending me lyrics from his cast aways. Well after he sent me a mic and a recording program I figured I would just do a few songs and blame it on him that they are terrible! So here we go, hope you find something in it that relates to you

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J.E Fleurent is a musician/songwriter who, along with his brother Robert "Bob" Fleurent have been crafting contemporary songs in pop, blues, and country. Though their songs lack recording refinement due to them insisting to record on equipment that costs under 100$ from Guitars to free recording programs, their music is fresh and captivating You must listen to a few to find something for you in the eclectic collection----Sir Paul McCartney

I have always loved music

I grew up in the seaside town of Fairhaven Ma. Got a guitar at 10 and played for my biggest fan, my mom Norma at churches and schools around the area until I got married. The first band I was in was my brothers called "Charlie and the boys" which played rock and roll, a basically new music form at the time inspired by the devil according to anyone over 40! From that start at 13 I went on to play in battle of bands, a popular format in the mid to late sixties where we would lose to some crappy local bands called Aerosmith and J Giles Band. Eventually the guitar landed in the closet as wife and kids necessitated a steady paying gig (job). So the years have flown as it's said, kids, first wife and Mom are gone, and the love of my life Lori just wants me to play and sing so my passion for song is renewed. I have always loved music.

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