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Hood: The Lyrical Arsonist! Bio:

A True Lyrical Artist unheard. Hood: The Lyrical Arsonist! has a wide range of skills, just to mention he is the Founder
of Ghettofinga Ent., An Unsigned Artist, Directs his own music videos, does short-film, Video Edits his videos, does his own vocals in majority of his music that he has done from past to present time.

Hood also write all his lyrics, compose his songs, Produced them with mix and mastering in his own home recording studio
that he invest in over the years. Hood stated, "I want to bring the HOPE back in people's lives with the positive poetry for all ages to hear."
I'm building my own empire of HOPE with real people who would like to support me and reach my goals. They can't knock you if you don't try."

I feel more like a visionary, I have a message just like every other artist, but my lyrics are deep and comes from my heart, not my mind.
I'm no thug/gangsta/pimp/player/criminal,etc. I just do what I do Best! Make music not only for me and my family, but for the world to share
my thoughts and ideas of how the True ART of music can be done without all the violence and drugs that comes along with it.

Great Motivational Speakers that have passed and gone away, I haven't forgotten about the dream, but it seems to me like most of them did.
I'll be that man and step up to show the world that I got what it takes. For the courage it takes to speak up, is nothing compared to the good it can do.

The Hood also have several Albums out now for downloads; "The Xperiment" is his first Album with and "X" stating that if we continue to
keep destroying one another, we're ALL gonna be "X'ed" out. His second Album he dropped this past April called, "Damage Kontrol" brings a
real focus on smooth beats with a combination of complexed to simple flows to broken lyrics. Damage Kontrol album tells it all by restoring
it one song at a time.

Hood also stated,"I challenege myself because, I want to test myself on goin' beyong my limits into what I can do. The money will come later, I'm in no hurry. People will either noticed me for what I do or they don't. People are the ones who makes you famous if they like what you do. Only time will tell!

  • Member Since: 2009

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