Watching Spaceships style comes from a blend of influences including Depeche Mode, Yazoo, Goldfrapp and the Human League to name but a few.
Electronic pop served with a side order of sizzling female vocals provides the backdrop for the Spaceships sound, combining sequenced electronics & beats with sassy female vox.

Climb on board...

This is just the beginning...

Were on full automatic and ready for lift off.....

Soon we'll all be Watching Spaceships........

Fashion Made the Number 1 position in the World Dance Charts and Innocence made the Number one position in the World Downbeat Charts.....

Contact the captain for flightplans and galactic charts at

Latest News

Fashion is selected by Goldfrapps Producer and appears on the cover CD of Computer Music

Fashion makes Number 1 in the Dance Charts

Innocence makes Number 1 in the Downbeat Charts

Fashion appears on the cover CD of Future Music Magazine


David James
over 30 days ago to Watching Spaceships

Thank you for your review of 'Believe'. I appreciate it.

Mick Keogh
over 30 days ago to Watching Spaceships

Hey guys. just reviewed innocence great track. loving the retro feel. You guys truly have it nailed

sound like arturia arp26 avec 80?
korg legacy vst also?
classic sound :)
thank you

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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