Dick Wagner helped define an era in rock history by playing lead guitar and writing songs for Aerosmith, Kiss, Lou Reed, Alice Cooper, Peter Gabriel, Meat Loaf, Etta James, Ringo Starr, Tina Turner, Air Supply, Hall & Oates, Little Richard, Roy Orbison, Guns N' Roses, Tori Amos & many more. Legendary for his groundbreaking collaborations with Alice Cooper, Wagner was musical director, lead guitarist and co-writer of the majority of the icon's biggest hits and albums - including Welcome to My Nightmare, Alice Cooper Goes to Hell, Lace and Whiskey, From the Inside and DaDa. Wagner's songs and lead guitar have been featured on more than 150 renowned albums and more than 30 Platinum & Gold Records.

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Dick Wagner: Hit Songwriter, Leg

Nearly forty years after launching his storied and dynamic career, Dick Wagner remains a brilliant and vibrant force on the pop/rock landscape he helped create. Wagner songs and lead guitar have been featured on more than 150 renowned CD's--including 14 Platinum records, 16 Gold records, 5 Silver records & numerous BMI awards.

Legendary for his groundbreaking collaborations with Alice Cooper, for whom he was musical director, lead guitar & co-writer of the icon's biggest hits including, Only Women Bleed, You And Me, Welcome To My Nightmare, and I Never Cry, Wagner has co-written the majority of Cooper's top selling singles and albums, including more than 50 songs featured on 19 Alice Cooper albums.

Wagner helped define an era in rock history by writing songs or playing lead guitar for Aerosmith, Kiss, Lou Reed, MeatLoaf, Ringo Starr, Etta James, Peter Gabriel, Rod Stewart, Air Supply, Guns & Roses, among dozens more.


Mark S. Ludes (MSL)
over 30 days ago to Dick Wagner

hey Dick - nice guitar work and writing.... noticed you live out in the Scottsdale area...? Does Alice still live nearby? Or does he live ON one of the golf courses...haha...rock on! Love to see you and Alice on stage again...?? MSL

Radiation Mountain
over 30 days ago to Dick Wagner

I just reviewed one of your tunes. I remember the dueling leads from the Lou Reed live album quite well. That was stellar work.

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Dick Wagner
over 30 days ago

Thanks for your note and for reviewing "You're The Girl For Me" by Dick Wagner & the Bossmen. I'm Suzy Michelson, Dick's biz partner... This song was a hit single in 1966 in the Midwestern states, so you nailed it when you said it sounds like 1963. It is not a new recording. We posted it primarily because we submitted the song for a film. Thanks for reading about Dick's background. His early bands, The Bossmen and The Frost, were huge in the midwest and led him to national exposure with Alice Cooper, Lou Reed, Aerosmith, etc.... He's a great talent and wonderful person. I will share with Dick. He is immersed in writing now, but one day soon he will sign on personally to say hi to his Broadjam friends.

Robert Wuagneux
over 30 days ago to Dick Wagner

No surprise for your recognition!!!
Your solo from the Lou Reed Brooklyn Acad. performance is the benchmark for me. One Thing's for Certain is actually a one take performance. I was frustrated with it as an acoustic folk tune and when they threw the faders up I let it rip...and got into it. I didn't want to touch it stylistically b/c it had a life of its own. Probably could be tempered in spots for sure...but it rings perpetually as it is:-) Nice to have you on BROADJAM!!!!

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