6 String Pimp is a fresh, edgy, mostly instrumental group with tasty riffs compared to that of Black Sabbath, Avenged Sevenfold, Dream Theater, Slipknot, and Styx. Growing up on the ever changing music scene of L.A., the songs are full of passion and sarcasm of life.

6 String was inspired through the spiritual realm at a very young age, where he was diagnosed by Dr. Fleiss (the infamous Heidi Fleiss' father) with a tumor embedded in the bone of his right arm. Since the only choice was to remove it, thereby causing a dwarfism in the arm, the family sought the spirit of Hawaiian friends and relatives who prayed over the young boy. The experience of the dark spirit and soulful rhythms remain in his music and influenced him when he picked up the guitar at the age of 16.... 6 String has written over 1,000 songs in various genres.


Robert Adams
over 30 days ago to 6 String Pimp

Digging your tune, Sideswipe. Heavy and melodic meets abstraction. Meaning that in a VERY GOOD way. Excellent material.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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