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We just finalized our first 4 songs. Give them a listen and tell us what you think! txs!


Singer Gavin Veiga & guitarist Godfrey Thomson were childhood friends and in late 2008 were reunited in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil to write and record their debut album.
With influences including, Bob Dylan, Chris Cornell, Pearl Jam & Nirvana, Thomson explains that Diana has been compared to Foo Fighters, Audioslave and even Coldplay. "I guess people hear what they want in our music," he continues: "We're just trying create something real & something people can relate to."
"We wanted to write songs that were a little different, for us at least." Thomson admits. "So teaming up with Gavin was great and I really enjoyed songwriting together."
The infectious rock smash,"Call it a Day" was the first song out of the oven and takes aim at empty promises and friendships sometimes we're better left without. The song was built around, "a driving beat we all loved," he continues: "and a guitar riff we couldn't get out of our heads."

Diana is currently working on writing and recording the rest of their debut album. "We'd like there to be a little something for everyone in our music," Thomson explains, "but at the same time not do anything too dissimilar to where people can't tell it's us. Some of our friends were worried we were going all pop and stuff, but we don't think so." Thomson admits. "We just wanted to write songs that were memorable and something people could sing along to."

"Room for Love" a superlative song written sometime ago by singer Gavin Veiga, which happened to be a favorite of band mate drummer Gerard Bouvier. Bouvier insisted this song be added to the cut list. So without much resistance from the rest of the band, Diana went to work on it. The epic choruses & invading guitars are inescapable.
"We wanted this song to grow." Veiga explains. "Sort of like those classic rock songs from the 80's. You know, romantic and huge, very melodic and catchy."
"I miss songs like that." Adds Thomson. "It doesn't seem people are writing those anymore. The more we all started to listen to it the more we were glad Bouvier suggested it."

Both Godfrey Thomson & Gavin Veiga are recording engineers and own project studios. "We recorded all this ourselves at home." Thomson explains, "You can do plenty with a computer and some good preamps."
"We're just getting started," Veiga adds: "I mean we pretty much threw these songs together, I think our best stuff is yet to come." He exclaims.

So there's another good reason to keep your eye on this band.

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