Loft Nine Recording artist, Scott Smith, assimilates the best elements of pop, R&B, and soul in his "no regrets" gospel. The classically trained vocalist has toured the country three times over and now looks to new horizons in 2008 with the release of the "Success Story EP" this summer.

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LAWRENCE, KS. - JAN. 15TH 2008

Four of the tracks for the upcoming EP have been mastered and are now available for download. "Success Story" will be released on Loft Nine Records this summer!

Scott Smith's Biography

Late last year, Scott Smith looked back on his experiences as lead singer with St. Louis-based smart-pop quintet Full Day Affair, then envisioned his ?perfect world? as an uninhibited, independent musical artist. The result is a new independent label, Loft Nine Records, and a self-produced new EP, ?Success Story.? Both projects demonstrate just how much Smith, 26, is willing to risk to take his shot in such uncertain times as these in the music industry.

?Success Story? (scheduled for release summer 2008) portrays the life of the modern-day troubadour, from loss to love, from disillusionment to conviction, from struggle to, well?success. The songs? diverse tempos, moods and styles don?t fit neatly into one genre pigeonhole, but reflect perfectly Smith?s blend of R&B, soul, folk, rock and pop.

Originally from Lawrence, Kan., where he received vocal training from the age of 10, Smith formed the band that became Full Day Affair during his years at Missouri?s Truman State University. Emerging St. Louis label Shock City Records plucked the band from the college-town tavern circuit and brought them to the Gateway City to record ?Approved? and introduce them to larger, renowned venues.

The next couple of years saw FDA?s music in rotation at more than 30 AC/CHR commercial radio stations and more than 140 college stations, with the single ?Fortune for Two? climbing into the No. 18 spot at St. Louis? top-40 station WVRV 101.1. Touring the club scene relentlessly (upper and lower Midwest, California) and opening for national acts such as Sister Hazel, the band eventually licensed eight songs for play on MTV and secured digital distribution with The Orchard. FDA went on to be voted fan favorites on the popular internet radio station and Smith?s guitar work was even requested for tracks on Motown / Universal Records. In 2007, the fivesome disbanded so its other members could pursue ambitions outside the music industry.

But Smith was addicted to the stage ? and music ? so Loft 9 Records was born in his ninth-floor home recording studio in the downtown St. Louis loft district. With ?Success Story? recorded and polished to showcase his intensely emotional lyrics, lush vocals and complex instrumental work, Smith is turning his attention to crafting his stage show and going back out on the road.

Before he committed to the vagabond life of the musical artist, Smith was on the cum laude pre-med track to become a psychiatrist and help people work out their problems. Now he hopes to find new fans for his unique brand of musical therapy: A gospel of no regrets...

STL: Playback Magazine?s Jim Campbell wrote, ?(His) overall vibe is alluring? Scott Smith?s bluesy vocals ? make me want to stick around.?

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over 30 days ago to Scott Smith

hey scott...i just ran across your song 'runaway' song, good voice! we're over here in manhattan..
write on/rock on!

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