My Music life has tow aspect, one for work and one for fun. I love fun but I don't hate work, no work no fun, fun is in my work.
My work is composing music for games, that's a really enjoyable work. I can use one or tow note to let the cartoon role sounds up, also I can write a song to let player feel happy. I like my job.
For the second aspect of my music life, I write songs for some singers, it is fun but it makes me tire.

Hope we can be friend even if you like my music or not.

The inbound heart

Before more than half a century, In South-West of China, the American and Chinese people fought against Japanese fascists shoulder to shoulder, it was a special fighting to carry military goods from India to China. That's the Thump Course. There were more than 2000 airplanes had been used. The flight was started from Dinjan India to Kunming China, it also has been called dead route because the route were through the most dangerous region with execrable weather and environmental. In that days, there were 609 airplanes crashed, more than 2000 pilots have immolated. Even in today, if you flying upon the route, you could see many of debrises of thoes airplanes.
Those pilots were very young, their age were all about 20, it was an age which live with lover, they should fall in love and kiss girls. But those young man have immolated their life to Chinese sky, They have left nothing but their name which has been written on the cenotaph.
The song "the Inbound heart" was written with the history. It tell us the story of thoes heroes we should remember. Time can blot out the history, but can not treat the injury of the war, let's listen to the music,let's recall the memorize of thoes heroes!

Lyric by March Wu, Music by Rui Huang and March Wu
translated lyrics
when you saw the silvern light
in the setting sun light,
flying with beautiful bird.
That was inbound flight with beautiful dreams,
That was me flying from far away to you all day and all night.
When you heard the engine singing the song
in the west-wind chorus with the birds,
That was my hone for you from an alien land
have went through all kinds of mills I have found the course to you
that's my inbound heart for you.
Will land at your field
Please direct the way to me
although we can't stay in the dream-land
but I always expecting the inbound for you
will land at your field
please don't cry and direct me the way
although we can't stay in the dream land
I'm expecting the inbound for you

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