Heartbreak Mountain is an exciting new country-pop band featuring singer/guitarist Cliff Meyer, singer Trinity Laurel, and director/songwriter Stuart Stone. Their all original songs feature lots of vocal harmony and high energy melodies.

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Heartbreak Mountain becomes an acoustic trio.

Cliff Meyer- lead singer, rhythm

Cliff's love and appreciation for music began at a very young age. With both parents being musically talented, a great deal of his early childhood in suburbs of Houston, Texas, was enriched by watching his father playing guitar or singing with his mom as she played piano. At the age of 8, Cliff and his family made the move from the suburbs of Houston to the rural town of Nacogdoches, TX. Here Cliff was slowly exposed to "old timey" church gospel and developed an even greater appreciation for country music and southern rock.

At the age of 17, Cliff enlisted in the US Army National Guard as a field artilleryman, and attended Stephen F. Austin State University, majoring in history and working towards his commission as a Second Lieutenant.

Watching his father play guitar and sing in various bands, Cliff had always idolized the proverbial "front man". During his last year of college, Cliff took a basic guitar class for actual college credit. His school held an "American Idol" style contest for the whole 10,000 student campus, and he won second place.

A short time after graduation, Cliff found himself in southern Afghanistan leading a Scout Platoon on the Pakistan-Afghan border. At Christmas, Cliff's mom had sent him a guitar that he used to entertain soldiers as well as the Afghan people.

After returning to the states in July of 2010, Cliff jumped right back into music, and shortly took the lead male singer spot in Heartbreak Mountain.

Trinity Laurel- lead singer

Trinity Laurel has been singing since before she could talk. She grew up listening to country music and classic rock, singing along with the radio (much to the annoyance of her parents) to all kinds of songs ranging from Loretta Lynn to The Beatles. She has since grown up (some) and her love of music has only deepened. As recent music graduate from St. Martin's University, Trinity will continue to persue her dreams of singing for as long as she is a part of this world. Trinity is presently pursuing her Master's degree at The Evergreen State University where she studies audio engineering. Trinity joined Heartbreak Mountain in late 2010.

Stuart Stone

Stuart Stone is the producer/songwriter for Heartbreak Mountain. He sometimes plays either guitar or drums with the band and sings harmony. His songs are main-stream country-pop styles. He recently started producing demos in Nashville, and has turned most of his attention to the country genre. Stuart has recorded in Los Angeles, Denver, Eugene, and Seattle as a drummer, songwriter and producer. He has a Master of Music Degree from the University Oregon. He is a member of CMA, ASCAP, and NSAI.

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