Rehya Stevens Bio, Credits & Tes

Rehya's Film/TV Placements Include:

NBC's "The Mysteries Of Laura" * CBS's "Unforgettable" * TNT's "Hawthorne" * South Park X Box Video Game "The Stick Of Truth" * Hallmark's "All I Want For Christmas," "Dear Secret Santa," "Christmas In Palm Springs," "Christmas Under Wraps," "A Perfect Christmas List" * "Hasbro's "Moneyless Monopoly" International Commercial * VH1's "Scott Baio... 45 & Single"


Randy Spendlove- President of music/Paramount Pictures..."I had the privilege of working with Rehya on "Footloose 2" and "Maggie Lynn." Through these projects, Rehya demonstrated her extraordinary work ethic and full commitment to excellence in film scoring/songwriting. I am proud to call her my friend and colleague. Our industry is at a higher standard because of people like Rehya's dedication to excellence."

Rivetting Riffs Review... "Had this album [Vintage Love] been released in 2012, Riveting Riffs Magazine would have picked it as our # 1 favorite album of the year." -Joe Montague

Erik Steigen- Manager of music publishing & Royalties/2850 Music Publishing..."Rehya Stevens is a great talent not only as a performer, but also as a songwriter. She's written great songs in various styles and is someone I turn to on a regular basis when I need songs in specific genres for either artist covers on film/song placements."

Taxi A&R Review..."Rehya, you have a really well-developed lyric & songwriting ability and a voice to die for! I think you have an amazing talent in a genre that is really difficult to master."

JMA Radio Promo/Jeff McClusky & Associates..."Rehya's songs fill the void of intelligent pop that can fit radio and film/TV. Her vocals are engaging and she is an innovative self-starter, which is so necessary in today's music world. Her energy and enthusiasm are contagious."


Singer/songwriter/pianist Rehya Stevens was born in Pasadena Ca, and raised with a rich musical backdrop. Her father, a highly accomplished Jazz and R&B keyboardist and composer played gigs that ranged from $50 a night dive bars, to working as a composer/conductor for Walt Disney, Inc... writing scores, orchestrations and arrangements for Disney's television shows and movies. Seasoned professionals from a myriad of trades; engineers, producers, musicians, singers, and songwriters infiltrated the household and were an integral part of Rehya's formative years as an artist in bloom. Rehya witnessed the nature of the (often) feast or famine life of an artist. Nonetheless, it was inspirational, and swirling with creativity.

By her teens, Rehya was performing professionally in local R&B and Jazz clubs, covering songs by Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughn, Pearl Bailey, Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, and Stevie Wonder. During those years, Rehya developed a unique, assured vocal style that is apparent in her signature vocals today.

On June 25th 2013, Rehya released a 13 song album titled "Vintage Love." The "Vintage Love" project is a Pop, R&B crossover album produced (primarily) by Alex Teamer and Rehya Stevens. Musically, the album spans the genres of Pop, R&B, Soul and Dance. Gospel influences are showcased in sophisticated background vocal arrangements throughout the album.

Conceptually, each song on the "Vintage Love" album represents one of the three levels of love:

Eros: Erotic, romantic love- untested by hardship.
Philos: Love based on friendship with mutual respect- give and take.
Agape: Unconditional love without thought to benefit self.

The message of the "Vintage Love" album is of the soul's yearning for love of a higher elevation in the complex, flawed jungle we call "life."

Throughout "Vintage Love," Rehya demonstrates that she is an artist who knows a thing or two about life in this complex, flawed jungle, and has something meaningful to offer. Elegantly, she weaves her values into catchy, brilliant anthems of healing for another generation.

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Samantha Mooney
over 30 days ago to Rehya Stevens

Awesome voice:)

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Rehya Stevens
over 30 days ago

Thank You Samantha! I like your songs- nice stuff!

Gabzy Jay
over 30 days ago to Rehya Stevens

hi.. Went tru sm of yr songs nd i must say you are a talent people seeks... I wud love to work wit u in future.. For now am a producer bt will go into music soon.. Am new here so i dont hav any instrumental/beat on this site.. But u can check i have one there though its old. Will upload here soonest... Do hit me back nd tell me wat u think

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Michael Brandmeier
over 30 days ago

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