Ludicrous Rx (aka Rex Dayton) was established to provide thought-provoking, humerous, sad, serious, or just basically nonsensical music to an otherwise way too serious music industry. With influences ranging from Zappa to Zeppelin, Ludicrous Rx will attempt to change and re-arrange the way people approach their music.

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My musical influences draw from the early 1960s (The Kingston Trio, Peter, Paul and Mary, etc.) as well as the influences of 60's rock-n-roll. When wanting my first guitar, my parents, in their wisdom, made me play viola (great choice) for two years before buying me an acoustic guitar. They then said they would buy me an electric guitar if I played the acoustic guitar for two years. Once I had an electric guitar, they refused to buy me amplification, so I basically learned rock-n-roll via Helen Keller techniques (y'know, bone conduction - chin on the horn of the bloody guitar!!!) This probably led to my unorthodox playing technique (that, and noone told me if your left-handed, you're supposed to play the guitar the other direction!) As a result I'm a left-handed human playing right-handed guitar with influences from the Beatles, Stones, Zeppelin, Alice Cooper, The Tubes, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd, Leonard Bernstein, stage plays, Judy Garland, a few years in the DEEP SOUTH for my southern roots, and then a dash of Los Angeles for my glam rock roots. Basically, if asked who my influences were musically I'd have to say "Why, all of them, y'know?

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