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Too much sampling, not enough practice of real instruments.

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Song Length 2:45 Genre Rock - Alternative, Rap - Alternative
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Disconcerted, Cheerful Subject Conformity, Frustration
Language English


Lyrics and Music by
Rex Dayton © 2006

I wrote this composition without swearing, without slurs

Just to show my own position about Hip-Hop in this world.

It seems that everyone with rhythm thinks they know how to make beats,

And with a finger on a button, they take it to the streets,

But when it comes down to performing, all you get is a blank stare,

As if performing with an instrument just comes from thin air.

So let me tell you about something, I?ll be short and I?ll make haste,

There?s a difference between playing and musical cut and paste.


It take minutes, hours, years to perfect the music craft,

Not just minutes with one finger, for something we call Rap.

With producers slicing, dicing, flipping, flopping, auto-tuning,

And proclaiming it?s a hit in just one afternoon.

So here?s my two cents, though I know you won?t stop,

And I know you?re probably yelling ?Hey, he broke his Hip-Hop,

But the moral to this story is before you start to Hop,

Go out and study music, so you?ll never have to stop!!!

(lead outro)

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