Been in plenty bands in and around Edinburgh over the years and have always done instrumental stuff on my own as a sideline. Right now I'm the guitar playing half of the Young Gorgie Surf Team and we've just put our first CD out.

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01/09/07 - Finally added another couple of tracks to the site - Pondlifeshuffle is an old one I tried to remaster from tape - sounds a bit dated but i still like it - The Shoal is a brand new solo type piece.

23/08/07 - 'House on Brook Street' made it to the semi finls of the UK national Songwriting Contest (instrumental) - many thanks to all who voted! Now that my other thing (the YGST) are having a lull, I'm hoping to concentrate more on this site and get more music on it!

A Brief Biog

I'm from Edinburgh, Scotland and have played in bands there since I was too young to be allowed to drink in the places I was playing in!

Although there have been a few bands over the years I've been a part of, probably the most noteable were Cry (1985 - 88), Nothing Eats a Shark (1994 - 96), and The Orchid Loop (1999 - present). I've been parts of many others but space is restricted and besides, some of the names are either cringeworthy or obscenely unprintable...

Through the years when I've been between groups of mates with instruments, I've done what I'd pretentiously call 'solo' stuff, i.e. all written, played and recorded by me.

If you've listened to some my music, you'll have realised by now that I play guitar, bass and drum machine like, err.., a guitarist. Since my 'Orchid Loop' partner Alan Butts persuaded me to sing on our CD (on Peoplesound label), I also don't sing anymore. I find I don't have to apologise so much that way, so you'll find all this stuff is instrumental.

It might be just guitars and stuff but most of it is pretty personal and comes from somewhere in my life, despite the lack of words.

If you're reading, thanks for reading - if youre listening - I hope you enjoy.



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Martin White
over 30 days ago to Martin White

Not been on this site for a while. For the last year Ive been working on a full acoustic instrumental set - most of which Ive had to write from scratch, though some of the older electric stuff translates quite well - the shoal for example works fairly well (but kills your fingers).

I'm now almost at the gigging phase - it took me ages to work out how to record the acoustic to best effect with the limited gear Ive got but Im now fairly consistently pleased with the results. My only problem now is actually playing the pieces properly - Ive found out that my head and fingers just dont communicate as they should do sometimes.

So, in short, a change of direction, something totally new and gigs before the end of the year. I hope.

In other news, the Young Gorgie Surf Team are still going - Andy and I get together and do a lot of talking about things quite often but we dont actually do very much (as always) - but we do have three new ttracks and another two in the works since we put the CD out.

Im also back playing with some old chums in a band called Bluesoul, who do rock covers. We play Whistlebinkies in Edinburgh about once a month. Great fun!

Im not knocking Broadjam but I doubt Ill ever pay them money to host my website, however I wont be taking this site down any time soon.

Martin White
over 30 days ago to Martin White

Not been logged in here for ages - I must spend more time on this site!

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