The Shoal

Story Behind The Song

The bulk of this piece arrived when I was jamming along with the preset delay on my Vox amp. Mind you, the idea came pretty quickly - the ability to actually play it properly took a while! Naming instrumentals is always tricky but to me this piece always

Song Description

A piece of instrumental solo guitar playing that came from a few places, mainly early Genesis, EVH in his more thoughtful moments and Satriani when he turns the distortion down. It's all double stopping on the fretboard and swelling on the volume control.

Song Length 2:31 Genre Rock - General, Rock - Progressive Rock
Tempo Floating Lead Vocal Instrumental
Mood Serene, Tranquil Subject Fish, Evolution
Similar Artists Joe Satriani, Van Halen Language Multi-Language
Era 2000 and later



Lyrics Martin White Music Martin White
Producer Martin White Publisher n/a
Performance Martin White Label n/a

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