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Rochelle Hanson is an Inspirational Artist with a strange kind of joy that seeps into almost every song she writes. Her Christian values extend beyond music into everyday life as she seeks to Lord in this journey we call life.

This site is an introduction to an artist you will come to know and love. Click on the MUSIC tab for songs from her CD STEP OUT. And experience her new heartwarming single "Words to Say" which is now available on iTunes.

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Tidbits about Rochelle


Random facts you probably don't need to know.

Milk products make me sneeze.
Very weird, i know.

Sometimes I dream in French.

I'm very passionate about health, wellness & natural beauty.

I have two younger brothers.

Eating a perfectly ripened Pineapple is quite possibly one of my favourite experiences.

I am currently single.
I know...hard to believe, but true!

I don't really have a favorite color... but yellow's nice.

When i was a child i got in BIG trouble for eating powdered sugar straight out of the jar. Other than that i was a perfect little angel ;-) hehe.

I taught myself how to play the guitar, November 2005. still learning.

It took me 3, yes THREE tries to get my drivers license!!

My personality type is sanguine/melancholy.

I am allergic to most dogs and cats but I love them anyway :-)



Rochelle Hanson
Music for your mind. Message for your soul.

Rochelle has been singing ever since she can remember, but it was after a close brush with death in December 2005, when she got into a car accident, that she decided to take music seriously. Today, her music brings an inspirational message of hope and a positive outlook on daily life.

Coming from a musical family, Rochelle grew up under the influence of gospel, jazz, and classical music. She started taking piano lessons when she was just 4 years old and over the years she picked up the trumpet, the flute, and the guitar. She's been on stage performing solo and with groups since she was six.

Because of her authentic message and genuine personality, audiences respond to Rochelle's transparency. Her music has strong lyrical content and smooth melodies, conveying a message that moves the soul.

Rochelle writes her own music and has been doing so since her freshman year in high school. Her latest recording is called STEP OUT. The CD was released to a full house of excited supporters at The Trane Studio Jazz Lounge in Toronto on April 12, 2008.

Most recently, Rochelle and her band have appeared on the daily Christian television broadcast, 100 Huntley Street and opened for major Christian Artists such as John P. Kee, Israel Houghton, Crystal Aiken, and James Hall.

What's coming next?
We will see what the Lord has in store.

My Story


Rochelle Hanson
From Crash to Call

It happened around 2:00am, December 23, 2005.
I was exhausted. Shocked. Confused.

Before I left, my Dad called and told me not to do it. He wanted me to wait, and so did most of my friends. But I was stubborn, and I had already convinced myself that this was what God wanted me to do.

I gave away almost everything I owned, packed whatever was left in my little Honda Civic, and hit the road. Leaving behind a secure, well established life in Michigan, I left my cushy radio job, and headed home to Canada with no plans of turning back.

About an hour away from home, it happened.
Gasping in fear, my body jolted forward when I realized what was going on. I had fallen asleep at the wheel, and the loud buzz that woke me up was the sound of the car going off the highway.

I quickly steered to the right to get back on the road when suddenly I hit a patch of ice. The car spun around backwards and flew off in the wrong direction. With my head spinning and my heart in a panic, I lost control of the car and crashed into a cement guard rail. The mug of hot chocolate balancing in the cup holder spilled all over the car's interior and the head of my guitar swung from the passenger seat and hit my right arm. When the car stopped, so did the noise in my brain, and a tear trickled down my cheek. I paused, took a deep breath and got out of the car only to see that there was much more damage than I thought. The car was totaled, but by the grace of God, I walked away with not even one scratch.

Just seconds after the accident, two semi trucks drove by. If I had still been in their lane, there would have been a head on collision and I could have been dead... I praise God for saving my life that night. He saved me from myself. Every time I think about it, I have to make music.

I spent the rest of that night questioning why God chose to save me. I cried and I cried! Especially because two weeks before that, a close friend of mine lost someone that she loved in a car accident. Why did God choose to save me and not the other person When I asked the question, a calming spirit comforted me. It was the Holy Spirit, and he said,

You are alive because I have work for you to do, Rochelle. I saved you for a purpose.

It was after that car accident that I started to take my music seriously again. I went back to the US and my cushy radio job, and I used the money I earned to start recording my latest project, "Step Out." Once I got the ball rolling and people heard the music, financial support started coming out of the woodworks! Jennifer Jill of Michael Ministries became a major sponsor and fit the bill for half of the project. The rest came from friends and family who saw the good that God was doing through me. They all wanted to do whatever they could to help.

The process of writing the music and recording the CD was a faith building experience in itself. Unfortunately there?s not enough time to tell all the stories here. But I sure have learned a lot about who my God is. I've learned that He has a purpose and a plan for each of us, and that He loves us even more than we can understand.

There's no question in my mind that I was made to minister. The Lord knew this long before I was born and He's been calling me since I was in the womb. Finally, I've found myself in a place where I can hear His voice! Yes, it took a serious crash to get me there, but I'm glad to say I've responded, and I've wholeheartedly accepted the call.

My mission in life is now to use the gifts that God has given me to spread the gospel to the world. Thank you so much for your support!

~Rochelle Melody Hanson


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Emmett North Jr.
over 30 days ago to Rochelle Hanson

Rochelle,this is such a beautiful song and you're doing a great job,i love it 'So Happy' it's my favorite and think i'll play it again much success, Emmett North Jr.

Timothy Doswell
over 30 days ago to Rochelle Hanson

Very nice.

over 30 days ago to Rochelle Hanson

hello Rochelle check out my new single "Keep it on da low"

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