Rachelle Call has quickly become a household name with her lyrics and melodies. Her rare talent of transforming life events into music has been recognized by the Gospel Music Association. Rachelle is the winner of "Best Song" from the Colorado Songwriters Association. She writes music for every genre. She is currently traveling throughout the United States, speaking and performing for seminars, organizations, church groups and schools.


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When I was about seven years old, my mom gave me my first piano lesson. My older sister, Rebecca, was also beginning lessons. Rebecca was a natural. She read the notes perfectly and could soon play all kinds of music. I was not so lucky. I struggled to read any of the notes. I found that if my mom just played the song for me--I could learn better. Incidentally, my piano lessons were short lived. I just could not read music.

As I graduated from high school, I went on to college. I mainly focused on my studies and ended up marrying my high school boyfriend my senior year. After working as a Social Worker for three years, my husband graduated and we moved from Provo, Utah to Denver, Colorado. I had just had my first little girl and became a stay at home mom. Three and a half years later, I would have my second daughter. It was during those years staying home that I realized I had become very lonely. I was just doing what everyone else around me seemed to be doing---so why was I so unhappy. I remember looking for the answers everyday on Oprah--I read every book she recommended. It started to dawn on me that I had no passion. I was "dream-less". As I searched my heart and mind, I kept coming to music. I was 27 years old and no one in my life knew I had songs playing in my head. How could I just tell everyone I wanted to write music-- who would even believe me or take me seriously?

Then one day, in May of 2000, I was told that the mother of a friend of mine was dying from ovarian cancer. It was a tragic situation and I found myself thinking about my friend a lot. Her mother only had days to live and I could not imagine what she was going through. As I was driving in my car, a song came into my mind--almost entirely. I ended up at my mother's home where a piano was available. Some of my sisters were there and I remember shaking as I played. After I finished, the people in the rooom were crying. My sister asked if I would sing it for our mutual friend. Our friend came over and after hearing the song, asked me to sing it that weekend. I did sing the song with the help of my four sisters. This experience was the beginning of my dream to write music.

In June 2002, I turned 28. It had been a year since I sang my first song for my friend's mom. I had so much music in my head at that point, I remember distinctly telling myself---this is the year. I have to make something happen. I had no money, but took out a credit card. I found a producer who had a studio in his garage. I went to his house every night for nearly two months to work on my songs. Neither one of us really knew what we were doing--but it was turning out better than I had anticipated. After I had a demo of about 5 songs, I thought "what now?".

One day, my Schwann's guy came to my door to get my order. He told me there was a girl on his route that was into music. He gave me her number and I called right away. She was a member of a Christian organization for song writers. They were all getting ready to submit music to the annual Gospel Music Association's event at Estes Park, Colorado. I began attending their group and was encouraged to enter my music in a song contest that sends the winner to an all expense paid trip to Estes Park later that summer. I actually ended up winning the contest. I attended the convention and learned about the Christian Music Industry. I was very inspired by what I had seen. Later that year, I moved back to Utah with my husband and two girls with the goal of making a difference for people through my music.

Over the past two years, I have had much success for a girl "just getting started." I am currently working with a Nashville artist, who will be recording my music for her album. But most importantly, I found myself because I followed my dream. I did have passion for something--even if it took me many years to remember. My days are more colorful now and I am cotent---from the inside out.

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