I'm Chandler Moon, and I'm Jason Moon. And we set up Mooner Music to do what we love -- write up-tempo hit country songs. We have three foremost goals here at Mooner Music.

1.) Write hit country songs.
2.) Get the right songs to the right people.
3.) Boost careers.

We have tried to make sure each song is hitworthy by having them critiqued by industry professionals. We don't settle for less radio-ready song demos.

Most of all, we want to say thanks for listening to our songs. And if any of our songs fits a project you are working on, feel free to contact us at:


Good Luck & Giddyup.


Chandler Moon. Jason Moon. Country boys from hicktown.

While growing up in rural Southern Idaho, they would wake up every morning to the buzz of crop dusting airplanes and the gleam of the sun. It taught them an important lesson: it's time to rise and shine.

Their hometown, Twin Falls, is the pivot point of the Magic Valley, so named because of the miraculous watering systems that enliven the agriculture lands around us. It is probably most well-known for the famous truck stop along interstate 84, The Garden of Eden.

Chandler received most of his musical influence from his older brother Jason. Jason had a drumset and would beat along to heavy Rock bands at the time--AC/DC, Metallica, Guns 'n' Roses, etc. By the time Chandler hit kindergarten, he knew all the words to "You Shook Me All Night Long" and "Paradise City." Teachers thought he was weird.

Jason drummed in several small groups through his teenage years, covering classic rock and new modern bands. Chandler and Jason never played together because by the time Chandler picked up his first guitar, they had both gone separate ways.

Chandler played in a band with a group of older men, if you consider late 40s old. Although they mostly covered classic love ballads, he was able to convince them to play some CCR, Deep Purple, and Steppenwolf, startling the crowds with meaty guitar solos. However, his country roots were too strong, and since they didn't want to play country, he quit.

Both of their lives went in divergent paths but now, 15 years after Jason received his first drumset, they are writing songs together. With Chandler's love and understanding of country music, and Jason's sense of rhythm and rock, the brotherly duo seamlessly compose hit-worthy songs.

They set up Mooner Music to write songs that reflect the experiences they have had in life. "This is truly what matters to us," Chandler said. "Capturing emotional experiences in a short, air-tight song."

"And playing it loud," Jason adds.

Their songs mostly feature hard driving guitar riffs and powerhouse chorus hooks, songs that are catchy and fun, and songs with traditional themes of heartache, family, loss, partying, love, being homesick, and of course, God.

They have three goals that oversee everything they do: writing hit country songs, getting the right songs to the right people, and boosting professional careers.

"Hopefully we have done that with these songs."


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