What He'll Take To His Grave

Song Length 4:00 Genre Country - Contemporary


What He?ll Take To His Grave
© 2007 Mooner Publishing
Chandler Moon

Verse 1:
In 1932 my grandpa was up against a wall
The nation was in a crash but he was bound and determined not to fall.
Put on his overalls and his work boots,
Grabbed a lunch pail with just enough food and thought,
?Is this the end all be all??
But as he headed off to do farm work one early day in March,
He couldn?t help but smile at what he saw.

An open bible on the kitchen table,
A new born baby in a rocking cradle,
The love of his life waving goodbye from the front porch.
Golden rays from a heavenly hand
Shining down on his farm land
He couldn?t have asked for more.
Grandpa would always say
That the memories he made of that place
Are what he?ll take to his grave.

Verse 2:
In 1994 the year the grandpa passed away
The whole world stopped for me and pops when the news came
We went into his old home
To gather up the things he owned
There wasn?t much to his name.
But an old photograph there on the bookshelf,
And I keep it now, so I don?t forget

That farm house in black and white
The open field and open sky,
The dirt lane where grandma welcomed him home after the war.
American flag blowing in the wind
Right where legacies begin.
He couldn?t have asked for more.
I can still hear grandpa say
That the memories he made of that place
Are what he?ll take to his grave

Now I have small house, a beautiful wife, and two sons,
And I wonder what will last when it?s all said and done.

That little house on the riverside
Where me and Katie spend our lives
Raising a family like our loved ones did before.
There on the bank with my two boys
Showing how to cast a fishing pole
I couldn?t have asked for more
Grandpa said before he passed away
That the memories I make of this place
Are what I?ll take to my grave

The memories he made of this place
Are what he took to his grave.

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