Growing up in the Midwest, Jeffrey James was exposed to several types of music through his older siblings. Since then, he has been fascinated with music and the guitar in particular.

Since playing his first professional gig in 1980, Jeffrey's songs and playing style evolved to Rock, Blues, Surf, Latin, and Classical. To put Jeffrey's music in one particular category would be unfair. It's best described "as all the above." "Music represents our moods and feelings and they are ever-changing," Jeff said.

Jeffrey performs solo fingerstyle acoustic guitar along with writing and recording in his studio.

Jeffrey specializes in a wide range of ceremonies to business events.

Let Jeff bring his 30+years of experience to your event to make it one that no one will soon forget!

For information, contact him in any of the following ways:

Facebook: Jeff's Guitar Clinic
Phone: 920-723-1733
  • Member Since: 2003
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