Genres: Classic rock

Instruments: Guitars - bass, Electric, Lead guitar. Drums, Keyboards, Synths.

Attacking the Unknown

I selfishly and wholeheartedly enjoy creating music. It is the process of creating that I enjoy and the inexplicable feeling I get when engaging myself in the unknown.


Genres: Classic Rock.

Instruments: Guitar, bass.


Dave, This demo needs to be developed into a great song...Finish it and get it pushed.

David Allen Belote posted 30 seconds ago to Steve April

Members of Steve April, Thank you for your review of "Sea of Love". Working alone - I did the song track by track in 2000. I used a keyboard "set to drums" to punch out the drums key by key yielding OK results at the time. Multi-tracking was done through a Boss BR8 using guitar modified modeling. Thanks again for your review and keep charting!.

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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