Tenor lead vocalist and bass player since 1985 for the band Chicago. Replaced Peter Cetera when he went solo.

Chicago just released its 30th album after 15 years of not releasing an album of all new songs in 2006. Jason brought in his collaboration with country supergroup Rascal Flatts which led to their bass player, Jay DeMarcus, producing the album.

In addition to his ongoing career as one of the frontmen of Chicago, Jason is working on many different projects with about 90 songs in his backlog he'll be finishing and posting for your enjoyment.

Jason is shunning the old model of trying to get a record deal or publisher and is taking the *interactive* approach. Reaching out to the fans and bringing them inside of the journey.

Check out www.myspace.com/jasonscheff for that experience as well. Stay tuned, pull up a chair and JOIN THE BAND!

Stick around as Chicago goes out for its 40th year of touring and watch Jason working on all this new music!


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Doug Mayberry
over 30 days ago to Jason Scheff

Jason, I love your voice. I've always enjoyed the group Chicago. Your voice fits right in to that genre and group. Enjoyed your music, very much.

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