Craig grew up in the small town of Blue Earth Minnesota. His Mother raised him. Craig played music professionally for 18 years. He got involved in the music business his senior of high school when he started singing in a band. He learned to play Bass, then Guitar. Soon after that he started writing songs. He played in several bands including one of the most popular bands in the Minnesota ballroom circuit. Then Craig went out on his own as a solo artist. He worked as solo guitarist-singer for almost eight years. He was asked to be on the TV show "You can be a Star" “NASHVILLE NETWORK” but couldn't because of scheduling problems. Craig has worked long and hard to become one of Nashville's great singer, songwriter, recording artists. With his smooth vocal delivery and his wonderful songwriting Craig is truly a country Star in the making. Listen to his music and hear it for yourself.


very good

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I can see why you are where you are today your music does come from the heart

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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