I Wanna Be Rich

Story Behind The Song

This a story about a friend from high school. I ran around chasing the music dream and never got married or had kids. Now he?s got a home and a family. I?m alone and I wanna be Rich

Song Description

This is about a guy named Rich who isn?t very popular in school, no girl friend, he didn?t play sports and no one would want to be him. He graduates gets factory job gets married has a family is poor and still no one would want to be him. Time passes and

Song Length 3:38 Genre Country - Contemporary, Country - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Poignant, Engaging Subject Life, Money
Similar Artists Garth Brooks, Joe Diffie Language English
Era 1990 - 1999


I WANNA BE RICH by Craig D. Jacobson

Rich wasn't popular when we were in school
He never wore the right cloth kids can be so cruel
He didn't play sports, never had a girl
And back then I wouldn't trade places with Rich for the world

He worked in a factory since the day we left school
Got married had a family, don't know how they made it though
Never had a lot of money, barely had food
And I never would have thought I'd wanna be in his shoes

But ten years later he's got a wife and some kids
A home in the country with a white picket fence
I thought I had it all but I saw the light
Rich has everything that money can't buy

I wanna be Rich and have a home in the country
A wife and some kids that mean more to me than money
I wanna be Rich and have a family who loves me
I wanna rock on the porch and go to church on Sundays
I wanna be Rich

At the ten year reunion Rich pulled me aside
To share an old dream from high school, He thought it was time
He said you were always so popular, talented too
And I just gotta tell you I used to wanna be you
You had everything I dreamed of, I didn't wanna be me
Ain't it funny how time changes things


Now When Rich is a Grandpa and on that speacial day
I know he'll be smiling when he hears that babies name
He's gonna watch him crawl, gonna see his first step
and that child's first words will be grandpa I bet
and when the sun goes down on the life that Rich led
He'll be proud of everything that he left


I wanna be Rich
I wanna be Rich
I wanna be Rich

Great Original Demo Music
1805 Liberia St.Nashville TN. 37207

Lyrics Craig Jacobson Music Craig Jacobson
Producer Danny Mohamid Publisher Great Original Demo Music
Performance Craig Jacobson Label none

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