Duncan is a Scottish born multi-instrumental musician, singer-songwiter, raised on traditional folk music.
He went on a genre-journey at 11 years old, studying classical guitar, then on to folk, pop, rock, rock'n'roll, then back to traditional folk when too much rock'n'roll took its toll ((C) 2020.)
A move to the US of A led to a spell of Americana, then back to his folk and Celtic roots.
Dunc has been writing music forever, but only started to get serious about producing it in early 1999 when he gave up the 9 to 5 that had supported his habit as a musician until then.
The genre-journey continues with country-rock adding to the wide-ranging flavors of his music. The journey continues.

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So, "A different Flag" was released in 2020 + I just released a Scottish folk song, "Dumfarlin toun forever" and I'm now working hard at producing another new album for release in 2021 and getting serious about the promotion of my music.
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over 30 days ago to Duncan McLauchlan

thanks for review of Bunk Beds - I think? You say you liked it but numbers aren't that great. But it's cool! I do everything myself and I'm probably better at writing than recording ' probably lol.

Mitch Siegal
over 30 days ago to Duncan McLauchlan

Thanks for the great review my friend!

Ian Graham
over 30 days ago to Duncan McLauchlan

Hello there Duncan. Many thanks for your festive review of We Wish You a Merry Christmas, and sorry you were landed with such an unseasonal task. I keep that number switched off for most of the year, and I didn't realise it could still come up for review!

I've just been listening to some of your tunes, and I've really enjoyed them. The corbies convention, the Comrie pug, a long way from home - all great numbers, with a percussive guitar driving them along. And then there's Eilean a' Cheo. Very evocative of the West of Scotland. Made me think of the water horse meeting the pleasant maiden on a misty, rainy hillside in Julie Fowlis's rendering of Dh'èirich mi moch.

Well, I'm a bit of a folkie myself. I live in Belgium and host a monthly folk club here. Usually in the flesh, but Covid has turned them into virtual sessions on Skype. If you ever feel like joining us for a session, just let me know. A small group and all very informal and friendly. And a broad definition of "folk" - more or less anything unplugged.

Anyway, the main advantage of the online approach is that it does away with geography. We already have one regular player in the States (also a Broadjam member) and another in Australia.



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Duncan McLauchlan
over 30 days ago

Hello Ian.
No problem with the Christmassy review. Every day I wake up is Christmas.
I'd be very interested in joining the session. Can you send some details on how to connect and participate please.
My e mail is duncan7222@gmail.com

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