Eilean a' cheo

Story Behind The Song

written after one of my frequent trips to the most beautiful place on earth.

Song Description

The Isle of Skye (Eilean a' cheo) is known as the island of mist, often for good reason. I seem drawn there. I've explored, walked and climbed there more than perhaps any other area of Scotland and have developed a deep love of the place. It's an island of overpowering beauty and unfathomable mystery. You have to go there to experience and absorb it at least once to truly say that you've truly lived.

Song Length 4:38 Genre Folk - Rock, World - Celtic
Tempo Medium Slow (91 - 110) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Mood Joyful, Endearing Subject Island, Spirituality
Similar Artists Runrig, Tidelines Language English
Era 2000 and later


Eilean A' Cheo
© Lyrics and music by Duncan McLauchlan - original 2006, updated 12/19/17

1. There's a story I tell and I swear every word of it's true.
Of a place that I found in my travels, I gave my heart to.
To the North of this place there's a land,
Untouched by the coarse and the cruel hand of man,
It's a place called the Island of Mist, Eilean A' Cheo.

2. You will never see anything like it, so long as you breathe.
It's an island of so many wonders it's hard to believe.
You might like to call me insane,
But I'm telling this story, to you, just the same,
If you listen to me I will tell you of Eilean A' Cheo.

Oh, oh, I'll tell you of Eilean A' Cheo.
Oh, oh, I'll tell you of Eilean A' Cheo.

3. Magnificent mountains, their savage teeth sharp as a saw.
Dark raging seas churn around them, defending their shores.
If you go to that place then beware,
Lest your soul be enchanted and held captive there,
And your spirit bewitched for all time by, Eilean A' Cheo.

4. Black silken sands run with silver, as tides ebb and flow.
Demonic volcanoes, asleep, from a time long ago,
Jagged towers of rock, growing proud,
Secret bridges to heaven, some hidden in cloud
Wild waterfalls gush from the great cliffs of Eilean A' Cheo.

5. There are spirits so ancient, and places so sacred up there.
Raw natural beauty, its purity, everywhere.
When the clouds sweep dark curtains of rain,
Over all of these splendors, to hide them away,
A mist veils her wonders, that's why she's called Eilean A' Cheo

Lyrics Duncan McLauchlan Music Duncan McLauchlan
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