Love Is A Bust

Song Length 3:44 Genre Rock - General, Jazz - Big Band
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Bad Love, Numbness Language English
Era 2000 and later


Love Is A Bust

When love is a bust
It'll leave you lost and lonely
Cryin' for Jesus in the dust

When love begins to rust
It'll eat up everything on earth
And every one of us

Don't be anxious, don't be scared
You're probably gonna feel like dyin'
And go cryin' everywhere

It's a fact jack
Can't get back to where you were before
"Cause when you lose the one you love
Nothin's gonna matter anymore

When Love lies in the dust
It'll leave you feelin' cheated
And deceit rewards your trust

And love becomes a bust
We watch it eat up everything on earth
Yet we're shocked it swallows us

Music & Lyrics by tony gargiulo
All rights reserved- Copyright 2014

I love the groove. I love the instrumentation. I love the lead vocal. I love the lyrics. Is there anything I don't like about this song.........nope!! I don't listen to rock, but this song is on point. That break at the end of the song is ingenious.

Lyrics Tony Gargiulo Music Tony Gargiulo
Producer Tony Gargiulo Publisher AntGarg Publishing
Performance Tony Gargiulo, John Cashwell, Rob Mosquera, Mike Luisi Label LightFinger/AntGarg
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