PeeWeeStarr "king" ( Peewee) and "queen" (Starr) production team out of Atlanta, GA. "We love what we do like we love each other". Our beats are Film/TV, Unique Soundtracks R&B Hip Hop etc. If you like what you hear, please feel free to get at us. For the love of music, let's keep it going. Thank you for listing Sincerely, PeeWeeStarr Production.


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Hey there PeeWeeStarr, listening to your tune, "Drippy", pretty Trippy Futuristic Hip Hop!! Very Creative.....people!! 5 Stars & Likes!!
Stay Safe and Sport that Mask!!
The Corey's..............

Hey There PeeWeeStarr, just heard your tune, "Wonderful Days", is your song considered a Hip-Hop composition?? Anyway, gave it 5 Stars & Likes!! Great Job......Ladies & Gentlemen!!
The Corey's.........
Wear a Mask!!

PeeWeeStarr, just heard "Gutta World" another super catchy Hip-Hop groove!! 5 stars & Likes!!
The Corey's................

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Thank you @Margie & Art Corey💯✔

Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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