From age 11 when brother Andy taught him his first guitar chord until present Winfield's music has come full circle and continues to evolve. After endless woodshedding with influences such as Eric Clapton, the Allman Brothers, the Beatles and many more by age 17 he was touring the SE United Srates the cover bands Wyndlynx and Different Methods. Eventually relocating to Hollywood, CA and within a few months he landed the lead guitarist spot with the established LA band Devon Lacrosse. " We had national airplay, we were playing the best venues ( the roxy,..the whiskey, the hollywood palace...) our management placed our song "The Meaning of Love" ( written by lead vocalist - Devon James )(produced by Stevie Salas (steviesalas,com) on the Grace Jones movie "Vamp" ( ..."We attended the movie premiere and I was thinking i should have moved out here along time ago! !!! " ...It was at this time Winfield began learning the craft of songwriting and with the Vamp connection got into some spec writing for New World Pictures. ( After a few years in LA fronting his own band simply called ALLISON and aftera few "demo deals" falling through a family sickness as well (as his own homesickness) brought him back to his Tennessee roots. Regionally after brief stints with the Visionaries, New Day Records Recording Artist Krystye Wilson Band (
and most recently the Peacemakers (riverbend fest 2005) Winfield is now intensly focused on songwriting as well as photography (another strong interest of his.) He is primed and ready for national if not global sucess, in fact .... "Remember Your Dream " has just been selected as a theme song for the city of Chattanooga's Department of Education, Arts and Cultures initiative by the same name. (""They felt the song was so appropriate enough they offered me a position on the board of directors!!" ""I'm drawn to anything creative so I naturally had to make myself a part of it. The timing is perfect for my involment in my native city's project. """I hope i can help improve the community especially for children who may not have been allowed to express themselves artistically or have been cruelly creatively suppressed." Through his work as a summer camp nurse with the Epilepsy Foundation ( Winfield has seen the effects of art and music with disabled children as well as his own.
"With the first strike of a guitar chord their faces light up and they gather around. And not a single child in four summers has refused a paint brush or even a simple piece of sidewalk chalk! They truly are all undiscovered artists with empty palettes just waiting on them. (to borrow a line from the song)" Through his songs and photographs Winfield hopes to move and inspire people in positive and uplifting ways,... which also happens to be the subject matter of his work. "So here I am full circle at a time in my life thrilled to offer up the talents I've been given back to my community (and whomever in the rest of the world wants to listen!!!)"


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My name is Bob Levoy, and I am a U.S. Navy Veteran and music and concert reviewer. I have written over 3500 reviews since the 1980s for my blog Oasis Entertainment and for independent record labels, PR firms, festivals, venues and bands. I write reviews for all genres, except for hip hop, which is not my cup of tea.

In addition to all the independent labels and artists that I have been writing reviews for, I am currently an Author on Staff at Virtuosity Worldwide Arts & Entertainment Magazine, a subsidiary of Virtuosity Worldwide LLC. I write music reviews and do concert and festival interviews and reviews for their magazine.

I will still write reviews for my independent artists and labels in addition to the work I will be doing for Virtuosity Worldwide.

I do reviews in the following priority:
1. Vinyl (I prefer signed if available)
2. CD's (I also review older releases)
3. Digital Download
4. Streaming only if I don't have any of the above on my desk which is very rare. Streaming takes too much time and some cases with songs running together I am unable to tell one song from another.

I would also be interested in reviewing your bands music and reviewing your live performance if you are ever in my area. I do not ask for pay for my reviews, I only ask for either a signed Vinyl or CD and an X-large t-shirt that I wear to promote the bands.

You can contact me at one of the links below. Plus, I would love the opportunity to get my vinyl signed the bands.

Bob Levoy
Owner of Oasis Entertainment Blog
Writer for Virtuosity Worldwide Arts & Entertainment Magazine
204 Rainbow Drive
Jonesborough, Tennessee 37659

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