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Pop - General | Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
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Comments per page: posted over 30 days ago to Matthew Snyder

Hi, hope you make us contacts, just to let you know that if you ever need any production or mastering work on your songs, just get in touch. You can check out our work for other Broadjam members either on our Broadjam page or out main site
so far we have worked and helped over 130 other broadjam members with either full re-mix, production and mastering work.

Bobby and Leslie posted over 30 days ago to Matthew Snyder

Thanks for the nice review of our tune Satified Mind. And people say the blues is never positive. We've got this one up for a movie. They wanted a bluesy love song...hope this one fits the bill.

Matthew Snyder posted over 30 days ago

Well good luck to ya, sounds right up their alley to me!

Terry Grinde posted over 30 days ago to Matthew Snyder

Thanks for the review - you obviously only like the hip hop stuff, which is fine for you. Giving ones to a song like this just shows you don't care for the genre - I can always tell when one of my reviews is from a "tripper", you guys all review the same. If it ain't hip-hop, it's no good. There are literally thousands of opportunities for instrumental music, and they aren't all "cool", as in keeping with your preferences rooted in urban music. Many avenues for exactly this kind of song exist, and it is certainly deserving of more than a one. You insult me young man - I've been at this a long time, shared venues with many industry leaders, and don't have much use for this kind of review, but thanks for your time anyway. May you achieve success. tg

Matthew Snyder posted over 30 days ago

Hey dude, whatever floats your boat man thats cool with me, but i do have a music degree and have played internationally at some very respectful jazz venues, we all got marks bro, thats why were professionals, there is no reason to trade bullets and label people you don't know, i listened to some of your other stuff and some of its pretty kickin', especially ciggs and beer, my goal isn't to insult, only to tell it as I see it, why come on here and lie? that would just be wasting my time, i dont think your a bad musician and even took the time to listen to some of your other tracks, but the next time someone does take the time to review your hard work, don't take offence and attack, take it and learn man, even if you totally disagree and change nothing, especially because like others that have commented on your profile, i didn't make it personal, not liking a particular song someone writes isn't a negative shot on the person, especially as i can see the technical side to the song you wrote, but i just don't actually enjoy the way the song makes me feel, it just doesn't do it for me, but hey, it might for someone else.
one way or another i pass the good luck back to ya and hope the best of success for you too, it's rough time in the world man~

Terry Grinde posted over 30 days ago

Yeah Matt, Don't get me wrong, I ain't mad, or taking offense. I was just making some points - the main one being that you don't have to "like" a song to see it's merits. I'll be real - i don't care for Rap, or hip-hop (not all, some is cool) but i rate those songs when I review them accoridng to how well they are written inside their own genre. I have given perfect 5's to rap songs that I didn't "like", but appreciated the craftsmanship and the way th guy hit it on the button. Good writing within the genre, ya know? My personal tastes are irrelevant - if it's well done, it's well done. As I said, I do appreciate the time you took to review, and like I said, your take is your take - it's cool. Be good to yourself this Christmas!

Matthew Snyder posted over 30 days ago

cheers and same to you bro :)

NashvilleJoe posted over 30 days ago to Matthew Snyder

christmas blues--thanks for the cool review---peace---joe

Matthew Snyder posted over 30 days ago to Enzo De Rosa -NeoKlassic

Much thanks for the review Enzo, it was very informative and spot on! and on a separate note your music is fascinating, the counter melody in "De Natura" is very interestingly weaved together you can really feel your soul being poured into it, gorgeous.

Matthew Snyder posted over 30 days ago to TRIP.P.

Btw I just listed to "Flow with me" and thats gold man, i really dig it...

TRIP.P. posted over 30 days ago

thanks dude! It's actually the first song I wrote and recorded without anyone else helping with the vocals. I do a great deal of writing but never recorded before "Flow with me". Could use some ad-libs to make it stronger but i couldn't think of anything. thanks again.

NashvilleJoe posted over 30 days ago to Matthew Snyder

christmas blues===yeee haw--thanks for the review--joe

TRIP.P. posted over 30 days ago to Matthew Snyder

Thanks for reviewing my song "Push". I don't think you listen to the radio very much though. I sound nothing like Lil Wayne, Drake, Rick Ross, Plies or Jay-Z. If you listen to the radio that's what you hear - drugs, degrading women, big cars, guns and everything that has given Hip-Hop/Rap a bad name. "Push" Is a motivational song about never giving up on your dreams or goals.

Matthew Snyder posted over 30 days ago

Sorry no disrespect meant, I am a musician first and a lyricist second so I was talking more about the form and musical side of it, the lyrics are fine but the instrumentals themselves are unoriginal, but as far as listening to the radio, it's something I do every day, so my advice would be to not take any review to a personal level or attack anyone that does take the time to listen to and review your blood sweat and tears, as any critique can be beneficial, regardless of whether you agree with them or not...

Peace and love~

TRIP.P. posted over 30 days ago

Well it goes to show that a person can't please everyone. Listen to Lil Wayne's song "A Millie" and tell me why everyone is buying into his gigs - n-dU3Gg
This crazy looped beat has been heard around the world but I think it's an insult to music. You might think it's worth a million dollars like everyone else but I definitely don't agree.

Good day to you sir.

Matthew Snyder posted over 30 days ago

thats definately not my style man. to be fair i'm actually more a fan of the british hip hop scene, maybe thats where our differences come in. its not degrading either (like your music), its uplifting and very original, try checking out people like Tinie Tempah, and Dizee Rascal, but dude you are far better than lil wayne!

TRIP.P. posted over 30 days ago

That's cool. I am just working with what I have available. Hopefully things will improve as I progress and try to work with more producers. I will definitely checkout those guys you mentioned. It's just crazy how people gain success these days when it seems like they've put no thought or effort into anything yet they get famous. I appreciate your time and thanks again for listening.

Carrie Martin posted over 30 days ago to Matthew Snyder

Hey Matthew,
Thanks for your review of "Blame" I appreciate your comments.

Mr. Piano Man posted over 30 days ago to Matthew Snyder

thanx 4 the review!


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