The Running Kind

Excerpts from Music Revue Magazine: A great vocalist and spirited performer, JoAnne Redding offers up a fine collection of bluesy, country, and gospel songs on "The Running Kind." Her "Take It From Me" has a similar feel to Bonnie Raitt's version of John Prine's "Angel From Montgomery" with a strong and sincere vocal and understated rural-blues guitar fills. "Forty-Something Female" is cool western swing with self-effacing lyrics about the joys of advancing maturity: "Forty-something females, headstrong at times we must confess, Forty-something females, strength retained from all those years we've endured PMS." As a songwriter and singer, Redding shows great range in musical styles, from the quiet ballad, "On The Outside Looking In" to the steamy country funk of "I Want Everything." Her "The Patient Kind" should be all over the radio, an instant classic that should be in the repertoire of all the top country music vocalists, although it's hard to imagine anyone topping her own version. Redding is also a great interpreter of others' songs. As with her own material, she has a way of getting right to the heart of the song and making it totally believable and powerful. Even non-believers will be praising the Lord by the time Redding hits the high notes at the end of her gospel rocker, "Thy Will Be Done." Like the best singer-songwriter albums, "The Running Kind" gets better with each listening. -Paul Burton JoAnne Redding's second CD, The Running Kind, was played on more than 250 radio stations. The title cut was featured on the daytime drama All My Children and her Pink Slip Blues aired on the syndicated personal finance show Sound Money.

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