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From Singer & Musician Magazine: I enjoy a strong woman’s voice. Both a strong voice, and a strong woman. JoAnne Redding fits the bill. She has a voice that simply does not quit, and her no-nonsense style shines forth in this great CD. However, it’s not hard to tell that she’s having an absolutely great time, and wants you to have one while you’re listening, too. Redding opens with the title track and informs you exactly how it’s going to be. The second track, “Credit Card Shuffle” is nothing short of hilarious. The entire CD begs you to sing along, and whether you have the blues or not, you find something great in each track. Redding has sung with Lee Roy Parnell and Delbert McClinton, and regularly performs at The Guthrie Center. “I sing what I feel, and I feel what I sing,” Redding says. It’s no exaggeration. You can tell that Redding throws her heart into the ring each time she opens her mouth, and when you combine that feeling with a great voice the result is an entire CD that’s singable and that any listener can relate to. I particularly loved “Tread Softly”, “Love and A Song”, and “I’ve Earned The Right (To Sing The Blues)”. –A.H.

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Clean Clean

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