Pink Slip Blues

Story Behind The Song

I wrote this song after seeing an article in a magazine about women losing their jobs. On the same page was an advertisement for lingerie.... Pink Slip Blues.

Song Length 3:06 Genre Jazz - Classic, Blues - General
Tempo Slow (71 - 90) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Cool, Content Subject General, General
Similar Artists Lyle Lovett, Susan Tedeshi Language English


This gal I know, she loved her job at the local department store
Selling all those frilly things that men go crazy for
She was saving up her overtime to buy herself something nice
To light a fire under her man, to tantalize and entice

Now it wasn?t time for her break but business was kind of slow
And she couldn?t help but trying on them slinky, scanty clothes
She was prancing ?round the dressing room but what she failed to see
Her boss around the corner and he?s getting more than just a peek

And now she?s got them Pink Slip Blues
Oh, that job, she didn?t want to lose, no, no
Won?t miss the work, she will the pay
But she loved that lingerie

Now that boss of hers, he?s a sleazy dude, but he liked what he did see
So he sent her gifts of silk and lace, He saw opportunity
He told her? when he stopped by her place, ?Your job?s back at the store
Just spend a little time with me, give me what I came here for?

But now he?s got them Pink Slip Blues
Oh, she sure did light his fuse, yes she did baby
But she said, ?Keep your job, just go away, but darlin?
I loved that lingerie

Yeah, he?s got them Pink Slip Blues
Didn?t think she could refuse, but she did sugar
She slammed the door right in his face, said ?Mister
I loved that lingerie?

Lyrics JoAnne Redding Music JoAnne Redding
Producer Bobby Sweet and JoAnne Redding Publisher Pink Slip Publishing (ASCAP)
Performance JoAnne Redding Label For-the Records

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