In 1995, Annamarie Silvestera began her singing career with a Philadelphia society band at the age of seventeen. She more than made up for her lack of experience with a powerful and versatile singing voice, covering everything from Patsy Cline to Aretha with the ease of a veteran. Born with perfect pitch, it became apparent that this girl was going places. Today, Anna is working 4 nights a week with her band performing covers and original material from her debut CD Forget To Remember. Ms.Silvestera is a dynamic, inspirational and fresh talent that many are comparing to Etta James, Mariah, Alicia Keys and Beyonce. Anna is a new talent with an old soul. Just listen!

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"Forget To Remember" has just won the 2006 UK Songwriting Contest for best Jazz/Blues Song. "Walk On By" was runner up in R&B....


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