Double Indemnity

Rantmuse Productions presents a songwriter for the passion of mind, and the freeing of your soul for what's true. Her composing and vocal styles are all her own, born of her urban background of symphonic music and jazz, rhythm & blues, gospel and rock'n'r

The Cruise
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 24
Aces and Angels
Country - Rock
Plays: 31
Think Twice
R & B - General
Plays: 19
Double Indemnity
Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Plays: 34
A Stone from the Ashes
Rock - Alternative
Plays: 18
The Test of Time
Rock - Indie/Low-Fi
Plays: 28
When We Love
Pop - Alternative
Plays: 20
The Devil's Chevy
Rock - Punk
Plays: 26
The Angelfield Train
Folk - Rock
Plays: 31
Shot Through The Heart
Country - Honky Tonk
Plays: 21
Catch a Falling Star
Jazz - General
Plays: 37
Latin - Tropical
Plays: 15
My Rocky Good-Bye
Blues - General
Plays: 7
Stacy's Waltz
Unique - Waltz
Plays: 26
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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