The Angelfield Train

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writing, arranging, recording, paying for, manufacturing and promoting a cd with a day job, studio work at night and playing in two bands. When there's no energy or time left even to eat, you need something to remind you it's all for ... something. That'

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Song Length 4:47 Genre Folk - Rock
Tempo Very Slow (Under 70) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Welcoming Subject Cats, Kittens, Aliens
Similar Artists Seal Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Angelfield Train
All words and music by Eve L. Rantzer
(P)© 2002 Rantzer Publishing/BMI, all rights reserved.

For Donna Pucci and Malissa Sturges, the Masters of finding home

I can see in the night, burning so bright, the lights of the Angelfield train,
With stops in Palookaville, Cheyenne and New York,
It shoots through the dark like a flame,
It carries me home when I'm tired of the fight,
When I'm used up from losin' this game,
So I'm standing alone on this platform tonight,
With my suitcase, my gloves and my name;


When your faith is an island far off in the distance
And your heart's like a tired old Ford in the rain,
Walk tall by the light of the stars in your eyes,
And ride home on that Angelfield train,
Ride home on that Angelfield train.

Now my mother, she gave me a way to mend fences,
To look for the goodness in the people I meet,
And my daddy was clear-eyed and true, and he taught me
My word should be what folks recall about me,
And when life slams me sideways, and down on my knees,
And I feel that I'll never go on,
I reach for the grace that they gave me back home,
And the strength to keep singin' my song;


Now, we each have a guardian angel to get us all safe to the light,
And I hope that I've been one for someone,
And they're somewhere shinin' tonight,
And when life slams you sideways and down on your knees,
And you feel that you'll never go on,
Remember the ones who believe in your life,
And never stop singin' your song;

When your faith is an island far off in the distance,
And your heart's like a tired old Ford in the rain......

Well, you can't cross that river and hope to stay dry,
And you have to jump once when you're learnin' to fly;
Oh, your angel will come with your wings by and by,
And walk tall by the light of the stars in your eyes .......

And head South on that Red-Eye
Hop the Grey Owl to Boston,
Take the Midnight Special

Forget all the souvenirs lost in the rain,
And ride home on that Angelfield train.

RantMuse Productions ·


Lyrics Eve Rantzer Music Eve Rantzer
Producer Daoud Shaw, Eve Rantzer Publisher Rantzer Publishing/BMI
Performance WXPN-FM Philadelphia Label Rantmuse Productions

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