The Cruise

Story Behind The Song

struggle to remain a working artist in the face of poverty

Song Description

same as above

Song Length 3:39 Genre Rock - Alternative
Tempo Medium Fast (131 - 150) Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Mood Welcoming, In High Spirits Subject Déjà Vu, Cats, Kittens
Similar Artists Blind Faith, Peter Gabriel Language English
Era 2000 and later


The Cruise
All words and music by Eve L. Rantzer
(P)© 2002 Rantzer Publishing/BMI, all rights reserved.

For Annie and the Blue Heron with whom she walks

It's the way o' the world when you lose love,
Thought you had a runnin' start,
Learn to pay better attention to what you want, oh,
It's a string of pearls the cost of which will take everything you ever earn,
But the light at the end of that tunnel,
Is worth your heart, oh,


Sunrise over a snowfall,
Jump in the river get clean and new,
Realize your soul means somethin' to you fine and true, oh,
Someone's up makin' strong coffee,
Sing in the mornin', chase the blues,
Come sit down, I want to hear about the Road ...

A Trojan horse stealin' into your mind through a chasm in the dead o' night,
Rage, take your vision, steal your sight, oh,
Old remorse comin' in for a landing, and you can feel the end,
Never lose courage, take no prisoners,
Find that friend, oh,



The lion runnin' to rescue the lamb from the garden in the nick o'time,
Seek your eyes among the blessed, you shall find, oh,
Siren, sing your song to the sailor, when his God's asleep,
Lay me down, pray this song my soul to keep, oh,


Come and sing to me about the Road ...
And don't you know, it's ...


Breakfast in bed with the Man in the Moon,
Lighting a fire in the evening rain,
Someone takin' your face in their hands,
Kissin' away the tears, and it's ...
Making a stand in the face of the lies,
Walking tall even when you're in pain,
Takin' someone's life in your hands,
Kissing away the fear, oh,


.... and don't you know it's the ...

.... It's The Cruise.

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Lyrics Eve Rantzer Music Eve Rantzer
Producer Daoud Shaw, Eve Rantzer Publisher Rantzer Publishing/BMI
Performance Eve Rantzer Label Rantmuse Productions
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