Dennis Logan S.O.S.

Powerful message driven songs. Big prodution with star performances by the Dennis Logan Band. From Janglie guitars to full on rock then add a little Americana with steel, fiddle, madolin and dobro. This modern classic has a pristein production with 5 songs reaching #1, 7 in the top 10 and 5 in the top ten at one time. S.O.S. draws from the past with a modern sound to create an all original melodic feate for your ears. Add to that the included video of, The Whole Thing's Going Down, and you have a masterpiece for sure!

Shades Of Sorrow
Rock - Modern
Plays: 126
Manhattan Project
Rock - Classic
Plays: 287
Devil And The Dollar
Country - Rock
Plays: 391
Second City
Rock - Modern
Plays: 152
Storm Of Tomorrow
Folk - Rock
Plays: 269
The Great Deceiver
Rock - Easy Listening
Plays: 318
Ended In My Time
Folk - Rock
Plays: 175
Every Generation
Folk - Rock
Plays: 211
The Shades Of Sorrow Revisted
Folk - Country
Plays: 162
Twisted Sister
Folk - Rock
Plays: 205
All For The Hand of A Lady
Country - Rock
Plays: 126
Clean Clean

Clean Clean

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