Country and Eastern

Tuvan Throat Singing from Russia 'Country and Eastern' Exit Records #1006 Bob Amacher-Boudin Andre Mongosh-Tuvan throat singer & egil Barry Wedgle-Guitar Vera Sazhena -Voice Darkness Publishing BMI 1 Marbles 14:01 2 Rosebud 10:51 3 The Mountain 6:07 4 The Prairie 11:00 5 Troubled Times 17:20 6 Kanieshna 15:07 (All compositions are improvised by Amacher Mongush, Wedgle & Sazhena) Bob Amacher produced this CD in Moscow. One of the most unusual and extraordinary recordings from Exit Records, ‘Country and Eastern’will soothe, intrigue and stimulate the unwary listener. It consists of a series of improvisations featuring Andre Mongush, a Tuvan throat singer and Egil player, (a Mongolian string instrument) and is a member of the well known Tuvan group 'Huun-Huur-Tu', a boudin (a drum from the center of Asia), a Vocalist and Guitar. This CD truly lives up to its name; Bob Amacher & Vera Sazhina are both shamans. These vocalists have the power to both heal and exorcise with the magic of their music. Jonathan Evans

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