AJS-Alexandro,Joelle & Steve are three committed,professional and talented artist from Mauritius.
They have produced & released their own Album TOGETHER in Mauritius since 25th APRIL 2013.
Their Music is a taste of Soul,R&B,Hip-Hop,Reggae,House and they sings in English,French and Mauritian Creole.
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New ALbum "TOGETHER" by AJS released on ITUNES, AMAZON, DEEZER, EMUSIC ...and more Digital Distribution Store

AJS - Alexandro, Joelle & Steve

AJS - Derived from their names : Alexandro (Bass player/Composer/Singer), Joelle(Author/Composer/Singer) & Steve(Singer/Composer /Sax player) are three committed, professional and talented artists from Mauritius. Music is their living so they left their country to perform in 5 stars Resorts in Tunisia with their band named « Kreol Stars » . They have their own compositions that have been released locally on an Album titled « TOGETHER »by AJS@2013, an album with different taste of Soul ,R&B,House,Reggae,Hip-Hop with very nice and rich text in English,French and Creole.

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